Interview with Juan Oliver, former municipal technical architect of Vandellos and L’Hospitalet de L’Infant.

Good morning Mr. Oliver,

You were the owner of a house in the urbanization of Les Planes del Rei in the municipality of Pratdip, Tarragona province in the Baix Camp region and you come to testify as a former municipal technical architect of the town of l’Hospitalet de l’Infant about the sanitary and ecological catastrophe in which the Planes Del Rei urbanization is. Due to the shutdown of the only wastewater treatment plant in Pratdip commune which served more than 420 houses.

Remember that if this treatment plant exists on the commune it is only thanks to the owners of this urbanization who in 1977 they were already concerned by health and environmental conditions. This treatment plant was financed entirely by them, at their expense, and without the assistance of the state or the municipality.

By a court decision of 25 November 1993 the municipality of Pratdip became owner of the common parts of the urbanization of Planes Del Rei. That is: Streets, sewage plant, pumps, pipes, green areas and street lighting.

By court decision The EUC (Cooperative Urbanistic Entity), created by the Pratdip Town Hall was dissolved.

Pratdip, Planes del Rei, Depuradora

Mayor Joan Maria Rovira Vernet makes the decision not to assume her obligations. Preferred to stop and abandon the treatment plant, as well as street lighting which were both in perfect working order.

– BSI Management Systems (ISO Certification Body) certifies in Comaigua that the treatment plant is compliant and in perfect working order as of 2 May 2017. This certification is valid until May 2, 2020.

Vandellos, L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, riu de Llastres

The consequences were not long in coming. This generated pestilence odors for the inhabitants. A recrudescence of rats in the urbanization and the most serious, an ecological disaster. Because the pipeline of the sewage treatment plant is now pouring into the Llastres River which crosses the aquifer that supplies drinking water at L’Hospitalet de l’Infant as well as Miami Platja and Montroig.

Avança Pratdip, Óscar Serrano

The mayors of these municipalities have all been informed of the situation by the association of Vecinos Planes del Rei (SOS Planas)) (Mail). And also by a municipal councilor of the Avança Pratdip party (AVP) Mr. Óscar Serrano (Receipt of mail). The European court was also seized by two inhabitants of the urbanization. (Mail)

Recall that Spain has already been sentenced by the European court on July 25, 2018 (Judgment of the European Court)

– Hydrogeological map of Vandellos and Hospitalet de l’Infant

– Visor cartogràfic de l’ACA

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